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Precautions for decoration design of sunshine room:

1. If you are due to the small residential area, in order to broaden the space of the day, the privacy of the sunshine room is required to be high, and the economic level is low, you can choose the insulation board roof, plastic steel doors and windows plus insulation wall as peripheral protection products. Although this kind of product is not a sunshine house in the strict sense, it has low quotation and is economically useful. The disadvantage is poor lighting and ventilation. If the skylight is added, it will be greatly improved

2. If you want to create sunshine mainly for raising flowers and grass in winter, you should ask the sunshine room to have better ventilation and proper sunshine. Plastic steel windows should be selected for peripheral protection, and the sunshine room with a large skylight on the glass roof. The quotation of this kind of sunshine room is low, but the indoor temperature is high in summer, so it needs to be equipped with sunshades

3. If your residential area is large, especially for villa construction, your sunshine room is mainly used for winter leisure, fitness, flower cultivation, etc. you should choose all mobile sunshine rooms whose roof can be turned over. This kind of sunshine room will not have the question of poor daylighting of insulation board sunshine room and high indoor temperature of fixed daylighting roof sunshine room in summer

4. If it is a sunshine room that requires traditional building functions (such as characteristic living room, study, activity room, etc.), it is advisable to choose a tempered hollow glass roof, equipped with appropriate special hollow glass skylights, and use bridge broken aluminum hollow glass windows or aluminum wood composite hollow glass windows as peripheral protection products. In use, it also needs to be equipped with special sunshades, sunshades, invisible gauze nets and other products

5. As for the construction of villas, customers who are mainly used for leisure, fitness, flower cultivation and other applications can choose all clear glass sunshine rooms, and can make sunshades and skylights

6. The traditional building (such as: characteristic living room, study, activity room, etc.) sunshine room advocates the use of tempered hollow glass roof, equipped with special glass skylights, and the products with bridge broken aluminum or aluminum wood composite hollow glass windows as peripheral protection. Then deploy sunshades, sunshades, invisible gauze nets and other products

7. Customers who are used to improve the residential surface and expand the use of day space can choose insulation boards and door and window assemblies. Its characteristic is that it is economical and useful, with low quotation, but the lighting effect is poor, and the skylight can be opened

sunshine room decoration design sunshine room decoration precautions

the specific content of sunshine room decoration design and sunshine room decoration precautions, today's Xiaobian will share it with you. In this regard, Xiaobian still wants to remind you that the villa sunshine room is a reflection of being close to nature. With the change of our modern concept, people who continue to add understand that being close to nature is healthier, so it is very good for people who also continue to add people to decorate a sunshine room in their own homes. Brothers who like and have conditions can also decorate one in their own home. It's not just a villa

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