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The same house uses the same decoration materials. Why does someone else save money on decoration than I do? A big factor here is the waste in the decoration process. In the view of the insiders who are responsible for spending money on decoration on behalf of the owners, many owners mistakenly regard waste as a necessity for decoration. In fact, as long as the concept is slightly reversed, a lot of money can be saved, and the decoration effect and quality will not be affected

I. before decoration, there are three rules with the decoration construction party

the reporter made an investigation on how much decoration waste your home has in the 19th floor home forum. According to the survey, 40% of netizens believe that the main reason for the waste of decoration in his home is that the waste is caused by the misuse of materials by workers, resulting in the failure of many good paints, wood, floors, etc

in the interview, the reporter also heard such an old news in the decoration industry: some companies calculate the labor cost according to the number of materials used for decoration. In order to earn more labor cost, a decoration company did not hesitate to stuff the wood purchased by the owner into the ceiling. A few years later, the owner lifted the ceiling and found that it was full of wood. Therefore, the analysis of these 40% netizens is somewhat reasonable

an independent designer said that if the site management method is appropriate, 3000 yuan can be saved in 50000 yuan. It depends on whether the owner will keep an eye on the construction party's careful calculation of materials. Each kind of building materials will be calculated before cutting or using the saved materials

how to save money: how to save materials during construction depends, of course, on the means of the construction party. For the same area of the ground, calculating whether the tiling is reasonable or not may save a lot of tile money. If you think it's too troublesome to make a piecemeal calculation, for the decoration family, the fairer way is to negotiate with the decoration company in advance, and calculate the cost according to the area. For example, the actual number of square meters of latex paint is calculated according to the amount of money, rather than according to the amount of materials used. This algorithm can force the decoration company to save materials

be kind to the workers (although you can shout with the foreman, it doesn't matter). Although the workers' construction is not satisfactory, the workers determine the amount and loss of your materials in the actual construction. Let alone that the workers don't take money directly from the owner, that is, in my old Jia's hand. I often hand a cigarette or a bottle of water

Second, make use of the basic decoration

the house Mr. Zhang bought in July this year began to be decorated. He said that although he simply decorated it, he still felt a little wasteful. The house was in 1998, and this decoration of Mr. Zhang is its third decoration. Houses less than 10 years old have been completely decorated three times, which is by no means news in the bustling property market in Hangzhou. Some houses may be decorated more frequently

what can be reused without affecting the use of the previous decoration? Do you need to replace all the wires? Is it really necessary to redo the water pipe? I'm afraid these problems are what many owners, especially second-hand house owners, want to know

how to save money: what basic decoration can be used? Many decoration companies are secretive. After all, the saved quantities may become their profits. They don't say that we ordinary people have a lot of ideas. Netizens suggested that the doors and windows of the house should be reused, because the original doors and windows are made of door jambs and window frames, and the materials may be better than the newly bought ones, but the fancy is out of date. In fact, these doors and windows are also usable after repainting, so the demolition cost is saved. Some netizens also suggested that the wall tiles cut by the Mason should also be used and pasted in the corners such as the back of the cabinet, so as not to affect the beauty and save some tile money





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